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  • Over 100 residents objections now lodged at the Planning Department;
  • District Councillor (Gill Oxley) requests that the applications be "called-in" and is successful;
  • Gloucestershire Highways call for refusal;
  • Hardwicke Parish Council call for refusal;


Crest Nicholson


Crest Nicholson

Welcome to Hunts Grove!

Hunts Grove Parish Council
Campaign for Hunts Grove Parish Council

Hunts Grove Parish Council

UPDATE March 2020 – Due to the COVID-19 situation, local elections have been postponed until spring 2021. We are awaiting guidance from Stroud District Council and The Cabinet Office to fully understand the implications.


Well, the votes are in from the full council meeting at Stroud District and the result is unanimous support for creating a new parish council for Hunts Grove.  This means that you will be able to vote for your own Councillors in the May 2020 election and, if you want to get more involved, stand for election yourself or join a committee for topics that interest you in the community.

The recommendations, maps, minutes etc are available on the Stroud District Council website.   Click here for all of the document links.

Thanks to all that took part in the consultation.  It is an important step both for local democracy and building a strong voice to ensure Hunts Grove thrives in the future.

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Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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Check-out our drone videos of progress at Hunts Grove, plus the ground-breaking ceremony for Hunts Grove Primary School

What we can do for you


Bringing together the latest status and information on a wide range of issues important to the community, such as infrastructure, community facilities, schools, broadband and more.

Development Control & Planning

The Hunts Grove masterplan is settled, however the ‘devil is in the detail’ and residents have a voice in how the detail is designed and engineered.  HGRA is a forum for registering residents views and wishes and will monitor every planning application and reserved matters application to ensure that residents are aware and can contribute to the decisions affecting their living environment.


There is definitely strength in numbers.  HGRA seeks to be the representative voice of residents of Hunts Grove, to capture their views and work with all stakeholders to make sure that voice is heard and considered.

Some of our work

Hunts Grove Masterplan

Hunts Grove is the largest strategic allocation for housing development in Stroud District, but also Gloucestershire. Current projections are that all the facilities and the 2,500 new homes will be complete around 2033. So, what will be delivered and when?

Groups & Events

Groups & events at Hunts Grove

Business Directory & Sponsors

Local businesses recommended by members. Sponsors that support our work.

Management Company Analysis

Hunts Grove Residents Association is run by residents, for residents and is independent of local authority and developer control. At the outset, a key objective of the residents association is to provide independent analysis of the proposals for the Management Company. Whilst the longer-term vision is that the proposed Hunts Grove Management Company & Agent will assume the role fulfilled by this residents association, it will be at least 2033 before the management company is independent of developer control due to their built-in override for any decisions (the so-called ‘Golden Share’).

Founding Committee

Live Issues
Solved Issues
Live Planning Applications
Resident Members

Stakeholders we are working with

Stroud District Council is the local planning authority for Hunts Grove, as well as providing householder services.    HGRA is working on behalf of its resident members regarding planning applications, liaising with neighbourhood wardens, planning enforcement and parking officers.  Members of the HGRA founding committee met with the planner responsible and overseeing Hunts Grove from the beginning, John Longmuir at council offices in Stroud in July 2017 and on several occasions since.   HGRA is also routinely working with our District Councillors, especially Cllr. Dave Mossman and Cllr. Gill Oxley.

Stroud District Council [email protected]

Crest Nicholson are the master developer at Hunts Grove and are the primary stakeholder in the development planning for the site, the rate of building, provision of public open spaces and community facilities amongst many more areas.   HGRA is engaged with Crest on a daily and weekly basis on a wide range of issues that have been raised by our resident members (originally our Facebook Group residents), for example site operations, footpaths, broadband, safety fencing, traffic, primary school, public open spaces and management company proposals.

Crest Nicholson [email protected]

Gloucestershire County Council are responsible for highways & transportation, education, and social services.   HGRA is working together with our local County Councillors on a number of matters, from broadband provision to highway safety on Marconi Drive.  Cllr. Stephen Davies has been very supportive in all our efforts.   HGRA is also involved on matters relating to the new Hunts Grove Primary Academy with the education department and other stakeholders.   Transport improvement schemes related to Hunts Grove include a new A38 access junction and Crosskeys Roundabout expansion.

Gloucestershire County Council [email protected]

HGRA Board

The constitution of HGRA guarantees that all serving officers remain unpaid volunteers that either live or work within the confines of Hunts Grove. Membership of HGRA is limited to residents at Hunts Grove, stakeholders that are providing services or developing at Hunts Grove, and finally business sponsors within the parishes of Hardwicke, Haresfield or Quedgeley. Want to get involved and contribute your talents? Great! Just contact us by phone or email, details at the bottom of the page.

Some more facts about our officers:

  • Two are running businesses at Hunts Grove & Waterwells Business Park
  • Three are councillors of Hardwicke Parish Council
  • Hunts Grove Primary School Advisory Board member

Hunts Grove Build Progress

Homes Built
Community Facilities
Primary School
Shops, Pub

About us

Hunts Grove Residents Association (HGRA) is a voluntary organisation that aims to protect and promote the collective interests of its resident members to ensure that Hunts Grove remains a unique and special place to live. This is achieved by working with local stakeholders, such as parish, district and county councils, developers, land-owner and others to ensure that our needs and concerns in respect of the management company, planning applications, services, roads, public transport, parking and safety are considered fully.

Our aim is to continue to strengthen our lines of communication to all residents and make HGRA more relevant and visible in this community and in every way that we can, to ensure Hunts Grove remains a unique and special place to live as it grows to some 8,000 residents and 2,500 homes over the next 15 years.

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